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Derek’s worth it, he really is.

He was worth meeting. He was worth getting to know. He was worth falling in love with. He was worth all the hurting. He was worth the two years of misery. And he was worth doing all that all over again.

He’ll always be worth it. Every single time.

rynne asked: "Can we talk about Kieren's character development in his relationship with Simon? You've talked before about Simon being more in love with Kieren than Kieren is with Simon, and I agree with that, but the way Kieren IS with Simon still makes me want to do flaily fists forever. He's simultaneously guarded and open, hesitant to let himself get invested in Simon, but still willing to just GO FOR IT. Especially after everything that happened with Rick (TWICE), he's been hurt so much in this area (1/2)"


but he still let himself start falling for Simon, let himself kiss him and bring him over the meet the family and tell Simon straight up that he looked for Simon when he disappeared and that basically that hurt. He lets himself be vulnerable with Simon, and it’s just so brave. And of course part of it is that now he’s also letting himself build a support system and that’s a confidence booster too. Idek I just want to flail about Kieren’s character development a lot.



I’m in love with the way Kieren is starting to fall in love with Simon. Gosh, I mean, he liked Simon from the second Simon opened his mouth and started reciting poetry at him in the graveyard, and then Simon had to go and be a disciple of the guy Kieren thinks is dangerous bad news, and watching Kieren work through that to find the real Simon beneath the believer… good boy, Kieren. Keep it up, you can do it! You can find him, help him save himself!

'Please Like Me' - Series 2 Trailer (x)

"When is season 3?"
— Every living soul that has seen BBC’s In The Flesh (via sinyhale)